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A.1. Original Sauce

New Friend Request

Contrary to popular belief, we didn't break up Steak and A.1. Steak was simply too possessive.

In 1831, King George IV declared A.1. Original Sauce the preferred condiment for all meats & game dishes. But when the sauce made its way to America it was marketed only as a Steak Sauce. 183 years later, it was time to get back to being A.1. The Original Sauce.

That's What She Said


So far there has been a 24% increase in same store sales with no promotions or coupons. The campaign has also been featured in Adweek's Best Spots and Creativity's Top 5 Spots of the Month.

Double Kiss

We created this integrated campaign to reposition A.1. as the sauce for everything. Well, almost everything. We kicked the campaign off with this heartfelt and tender web film about A.1.taking the word "Steak" off its label. You'll probably want to keep a super absorbent tissue close.

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