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Fair Trade - Macadamia Nut

Ben & Jerry’s needed to maintain their place as the leading all natural and wholesome ice-cream in America’s freezers.

It was a dark time in Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream history. The brand, started by two lovable Vermont hippies, was just sold to the Anglo-Dutch global multinational conglomerate, Unilever. And by sold I mean hostile takeover.

We needed to tell their story and continue to champion all the things Ben & Jerry’s held dear. Everything we did for Ben & Jerry’s was as handcrafted as the ice cream itself. Ben & Jerry’s values were always at the center of every campaign: non-GMO, no rBGH dairy, organic, fair trade and locally sourced ingredients.

Everything we did for Ben & Jerry’s was as handcrafted as the ice cream itself.

Fair Trade - Chocolate Fudge Brownie
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For the Ben & Jerry’s dioramas, everything you see is hand-crafted using dental tools, old train set props and watercolor paint. The commercials were also made by using hand-cut paper and photographs of the real farmers.


When we took over, they were down to $4 million in profit per year. Quickly, profits grew to around $28 million per year with continued double-digit growth from existing and new markets.

Cyclone Dairy: Safe

In the spring of 2010, we helped Ben & Jerry’s raise awareness of cloned-animal products by launching a hoax company, CyClone Dairy, that proudly provided milk exclusively from cloned cows. We seeded the website to groups of activist consumers, which blossomed perfectly into a mainstream uproar.