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Rap Cat

What’s better than a cat that raps? A stuffed animal cat that raps about double drive thru’s. Meet Rap Cat.

The story of Rap Cat is your typical Cinderella story. Born in a throwaway scene in a TV ad for Checkers, a drive-through fry-and-burger chain, Rap Cat took off when a user called grandefutbol24 posted the ad on YouTube.

It was a marketer’s dream, Rap Cat went “viral,” with all the agglomeration of style, form, meaning, and nonsense. First we gave Rap Cat his own music video. Which inspired fans to start making their own Rap Cat videos and posting pictures of themselves dancing like Rap Cat. They uploaded videos of their own living breathing cats rapping and filmed themselves calling up strangers and meow-rapping repeatedly and applied all the random intellect of a rapping cat. We needed to bring people into the store so we created the Rap Cat Meal deal: two fish sandwiches, fries and a 40… ounce of soda in the blinged out Rap Cat jersey bag that your cat can wear.

New York Magazine
Cat in the Bag
Cat in the Bag


It was the most successful marketing effort in Checkers history with sales up 15% during the promotional window. Rap Cat was featured on the cover of New York magazine as the icon for the new guerilla advertising generation.

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