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Goodbye condescending fake TV doctor, hello pregnancy test commercial that finally calls it what it really is: a PEE STICK.

A Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH Company that offers in-home fertility diagnostic testing products is not a typical contender for award-winning work. But for us at Amalgamated it was.

Clearblue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test was the most advanced pregnancy test on the market in terms of technology. This progressive product needed a progressive voice. Goodbye condescending fake TV doctor who was stuck in 1974, hello pregnancy test commercial that was ready to call it like it is: a pee stick.

The TV spot was awarded One Show, Cannes, Addy Merit Finalist, New York Festival Silver and Creativity Magazine's Best Spot of the Year.

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In the first weeks when the spot aired in the United Kingdom, sales shot up 74%, reversing nine months (it’s third trimester) of decline.