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Court TV

Emily Billboard Case Study

What better way to promote a new TV show about a real private eye than with a fabricated sex scandal?

Court TV's brief was simple: create buzz around Parco P.I., a new show about real-life New York City private detective, Vinnie Parco.

Our idea was to devise our own seemingly “real” scandal, involving Emily, a scorned wife who turns her adulterer husband into a media spectacle. All the work was done in the vein of being real, unpolished, and not too clever so it looked like Emily herself did it.

One of the videos was the 16th most linked to video of all time.

Emily Guerilla Campaign
Emily Guerilla Campaign

It started with a billboard gone emotionally rogue. The messaging was then seeded into websites that were at the center of the reality-scandal social network, followed by a blog written by Emily, which received over one million hits in a single day. It came to life on YouTube with the help of actors who played the parts of Emily’s story. Emily is proud to say one of the videos was the 16th most linked to video of all time.


This EFFIE award-winning 'Emily' campaign generated millions of impressions, turning a local buy into a national campaign with only $150,000 for the budget (a.k.a. Emily’s settlement money).