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Please do me the illustrious honor in reading how we reclaimed Grey Poupon’s prestigious position as America’s most beloved condiment.

After a 15-year ad hiatus, we had the utmost honour of bringing Grey Poupon back into the discerning eye of the public, restoring its place as the number one premium Dijon mustard brand in the world.

We began by establishing The Society of Good Taste, the first members-only Facebook page to bid adieu to prospective fans who did not cut the mustard. It soon grew into the most tasteful, exclusive page on Facebook.

We furthered the tasteful charge and brought our message to the masses through a recreation of the original “Pardon me” television advertisement. The spot premiered in a night of red-carpeted revelry as we live-tweeted the televised debut during the Academy Awards.

Chase Teaser
The Gravy Yacht, because a gravy boat just won’t do.
Society of Good Taste Collateral

The “Spread Good Taste” campaign received rave reviews.

The campaign brilliance ensued by rewarding viewers online with a peek behind the velveteen curtains of production with an extended "Lost Footage" version of the original television commercial. It was wrought with dignified action and concealed prizes such as the exclusive Gravy Yacht. We even reimagined the classic Grey Poupon advertisement for Gay Pride Month.

Chase Finale

The “Spread Good Taste” campaign received rave reviews from many creative publications and award show establishments. Including our friends, The Cannes. And of course the prestigious Emmy jury was quite fond of our film as well, as they were so kind as to include it as a finalist in that very year. The press babbled endlessly about the campaign but more importantly sales of this effort increased 18% in the vast world we ever so reside in today. It was a fine and very #gaypoupon moment for all.

The prestigious Emmy jury was quite fond of our film as well


Grey Poupon is back with a 345.32% increase in consumer interest, and letting everyone know there’s more than enough good taste to go around.

Grey Poupon Pride Post