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We found that New Belgium beer pairs best with people who want to live an unfettered
pastoral life.

All it took was a bicycle trip through Belgium to inspire the founder of New Belgium Brewery, Jeff Lebesch, to create their best selling beer, Fat Tire. New Belgium Brewery was only a small craft brewery, so as they looked to expand Fat Tire to new markets, they weren’t gaining the traction they anticipated and sales were beginning to drastically decline.

Our idea was to transcend the inspiration felt by Jeff Lebesch on that trip in Belgium to consumers through a series of web films. The films featured “The Tinkerer,” the character who traveled through sweeping pastoral landscapes and mountainous towns, in search of creative pursuits. We used original music from Devendra Banhart, a musician and tinkerer himself, known for his eclectic avant-garde folk music. Coming out of these videos was the company's line, “Follow Your Folly,” used on all merchandise sold at the brewery, and still New Belgium’s rallying cry.

The campaign won One Show awards and Creativity Magazine Best Spots of 2007. Even more rewarding was the fact that we received thousands of letters from people in those markets saying, these spots capture the life we are all yearning for and that the commercial changed their lives.

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Sales for Fat Tire increased by 37%, and sales for New Belgium's other beers increased by 52%.