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Old Navy embraces its pop culture campy vibe by using America’s favorite blast from the past celebs.

Old Navy became famous in the mid 90s with its quirky, offbeat advertising featuring retro TV celebrities, a retired fashion editor, and a dog named Magic.

When I took over the business in 2012, they were on their third plus year of steady double-digit decline. Old Navy needed to revive its place as the largest “fast fashion” discount retailer in the world.

Back to School: Why Choose

The TV work was consistently featured in Creativity’s Best Spots as well as talked about on national TV. Our Times Square and Flip-Flop Ice Block stunts won awards in CA and Cannes. From the Today Show, to E! Entertainment, to Saturday Night Live spoofing one of our commercials, it became very obvious that the Old Navy that everyone always knew and loved was back.

Sweater Sequels

Even Chevy Chase cares!

Back to School: New Girl

Step #1: Killing those damn talking mannequins.

Step #2: Going back to what made Old Navy great: a pop culture brand with great modern style & unapologetic fun.

The New T-Machine
The Softest Sweater Ever


Bringing back all the fun characters and blast from the past celebrities created tremendous buzz for Old Navy and led to record setting sales throughout the year.

Jordan Knight Sings the Old Navy Summer Catalog
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5 Million Fans Film
5 Million Fans Finale
Fashion Show

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